How to only show items when they change value

I am trying to only show items when they change from a 1 value to a 0. I am using an API with the plug-in Infinity? anyone got an idea how to get that to work?

What is the JSON response received from the API you are using?

It’s pretty long but {“extensionstatus”:[{“extensionid”:“1”,“username”:“200-REDACTED”,"REDACTED:null,“regserver”:null,“useragent”:null,“lastms”:null,“customername”:“REDACTED”,“accountcode”:“REDACTED”,“online”:“1”}
there is more, but that is not really useful

To add some more info it’s a very long response and I only want to show the items that went from 1 to 0, and after they go back to 1 they leave the dashboard.

When you say you “only want to show”, there are several ways to show that…

a gap in a timeseries?

a boolean Status history?

a boolean State timeline?

a Stat panel showing 1 or 0?

Or something else? Since there are apparently only two states (1 or 0), I would think a boolean state timeline would be appropriate.

tnx a lot already kinda I want to make a table

And only show the items when they go from 0 to 1 I don’t think Grafana has that option, but your answer helps a lot thank you for your troubles Wright now it is showing the user with a 0 value but I only want to show the user who went from 1 to 0.