How to make rows not to repeat the values?

Dear @grant2 ,

I would like to get ur assistance. I currently building an air quality sensor table. but my data in tabel is keep repeating how to make my rows show 1 value.
Also how can i add a time in my graph. thanks!

Hi @mohamedsudais360

Can you tell me…

  1. What is your datasource?
  2. What query did you use to create the table? Please paste the entire table here.


i currently using influxdb
and i use influx query and not flux

What query did you use to create the table? Can you paste here?

@grant2 please refer to the attached document. I’ve try to use flux query but it doesnt work the way I want. also im not so familiar ith flux queries.

The above are InfluxQL queries. If you tried Flux queries, can you paste here?


In query A, what happens to your table if you put a 1 in the Limit box? Does it display only the most recent row?

I am not sure why your timestamp does not appear. Can you display any of the data in a time series graph?

Dear @grant2
thank you for the limit. it’s working now.
for the time i am not sure but i attached transforms that I’ve used in these datasets