How to integrate Grafana in to AngularJS application

Please provide some documentation for integrating Grafana in to AngularJs app, where there will be tab to grafana view which should load monitoring dashboard there?

You can embedd grafana using an iframe

Does it provide live time series data?

You can’t push data via websockets yet, but you can refresh dashboard panels every second

Does it query the Elastic search(if selected data source is Elastic search) every time, for every refresh and redraw the visualizations?

How to provide authentication to the users to grafana when they have authenticated from angularjs application which has embedded grafana in it (with out a need to login in to the grafana again)

I want to integrate grafana into my angularjs web application for monitoring purpose. I want something through which I can redirect to grafana dashboard with credentials by surpassing the grafana login page , means direct dashboard page should be displayed of logged in user of grafana. Session management should be there like dashboard data should be user specific. Please provide details to achieve this, thanks.