How to integrate Azure proxy ( SSO) auth with Grafana and Grant Permission to the user

Hello Team,

I have implemented azure proxy to authenticate users in Grafana and it is working as expected. However, once user gets authenticated, he is again presented with Grafana login page for authentication and I want to get rid of this login page.
I tried with

disable_login_form = true and

enable = true
and it gives desired outcome. But, I am not sure how to assign a role to a user based upon AD group if I go with this approach.

Also we have so many teams onboarded on Grafana and we need to assign permissions to the dashbaords on team basis that means x team should not able to see or access dashboard of y team and vice versa. Kindly advise.

Which Grafana version are you using?

Assigning roles to users automatically based on team is a Grafana Enterprise feature.

Assigning permissions based on team is covered in this tutorial:

Thanks a lot Dianapayton for your guidance.

We are using Grafana 7.1.0-1 version ( Community edition ). Could you please help us how to integrate SSO login with Grafana ?