How to install the grafana-agent on ec2 instances

Hello Team,

I would like to push the tomcat logs (Nginx) (Eg: localhost-access.log) running on a remote server to Grafana dashboard running on a different server.

  1. What is the suggested approach?
  2. The other way is to install the Grafana agent on the ec2 instance and push the logs using loki plugin that comes with Grafana. I have downloaded the binary but don’t find the steps to run the binary and associated the agent-config.yml that supposed to be supplied as the input. Any help?

Ravi M.

Hi Ravi! It sounds like either the Linux Node integration or Nginx Integration might be a good way to start. Both support sending logs using Grafana Agent to Grafana Cloud.

You mentioned installing the agent binary, but the recommended install method is using the Integrations and Connections walkthrough in your hosted Grafana.

Otherwise, you can check out the other supported clients and methods for shipping logs here.