How to increase width of bars with InfluxDB

I want to increase the width of bars in a chart using InfluxDB as a data source. I’ve seen the other answer suggesting to use “Group by time interval” (a.k.a. “Min time interval” in 5.0.4 IIUC). However, what I want is still dynamic scaling of the width, only wider. I’d prefer something like:

... GROUP BY time(10*$__interval) ...

Unfortunately, this kind of expression doesn’t seem to work, as the GROUP BY time() expects a “time duration literal”, not a mathematical expression.

Is there some way I could get what I want? The bars are just too thin for the graph to be useful and readable to me as a “time-buckets histogram”. Is there maybe a fork/alternative Panel plugin with a feature like this allowing more control on $__interval? (Maybe even with some “drag mouse to change width of buckets” feature?) Is there a chance such a feature could be added to the default Graph panel?