How to include metrics in "OK" response email notification?

‘OK’ Response does not have metrics included like ALERT.
Tried Alert Templating, but the template does not work while OK response. It cannot figure out the template variable value.

While template works fine for “ALERT” email.

I tried editing the /usr/share/grafana/public/emails/alert_notification.html to include email for "OK " as well but seems “OK Response” don’t have {{.metric}} value like “ALERT RESPONSE”

Thank you in advance!!!

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@All Do we have a solution for this or feature request which we can see in upcoming releases?

Its the same case with NO_DATA response. No metrics here as well.
Any solution would be really helpful.

Any updates or suggestion/solutions to this issue.

No suggestions at all.
Seems there is no such feature.
Hope to see this feature in future.

Hi, any update or solution for this?