How to hide the "Last X" hours/min from graph title


I am new to this, but I am using Grafana 8.4 to build some fairly basic dashboards around some data in a PostgreSQL database.

I have looked around, and maybe I’m searching in the wrong places, but I am trying to simply hide the little link that gets displayed in the title bar of a chart that shows the Relative Time entry for a chart’s Query Options.

The link is shown here:

I’m sure there’s some setting that can disable that, as when I make smaller views (especially when making small Stat charts) that link steps on the chart title like below:


is there any way around this?

Thank you


Have you tried using the ‘hide time info’ button in query options?

Oh man…newness is showing something awful there…sorry for the dumb question…that worked for me.

Thank you!

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No worries mate, take care