How to handle no data alert?


I have some troubles with the “NO DATA” alert managed by Grafana, If I use this on some of my alerts I received a big notification with true information with no data from my configured query, and in addition three time more information about other (sometimes true, sometimes false ) no data.

Only one “Location_id” doesn’t have data, other working properly.

So I disabled all “No Data” alert and I’ll try to create that type of alert my self.

I have a few edge devices, distinguishable by “Location_ID”, data were send to Opensearch where are storage and Grafana request for data to Opensearch.

I need to handle situations if some of devices stopped working or something like that and in this regard, Opensearch stopped receiving data from Edge.

I try this:

When some devices stopped working, Opensearch stopped receiving data, I can see on the dashboard when data has stopped coming but the alert doesn’t work.

Currently, two devices don’t work, but the alert isn’t informed about that.

Anyone can help me?

Grafana version: 9.4.3

Welcome @mdziemidzionek

What did you configure in this section of the alert rule?

Currently changed to “OK” but when I first time configured ( and at the time it wasn’t working properly )it was the same as you sent.