How to Group EC2 Instances by Tag

Hello All,

I’ve been looking on informaiton on how to group EC2 CPU utilization by instanceType. So basically, by default, I can choose to show all EC2 instaces on the same graph. But what I would like to do is to create separate panels within the same dashboard based on EC2 instance type.

I have tried to see if Grafana handles this inherently, but when I try t add a dimension for instanceType, I am only shown r3 instance types as an option.

So next I tried to create a tag named instance-type for all instances, with the value being the instance type (i.e. t2.micro, t2.small, etc). However, this too returns no results in my panel. I’ve even tried to incorporate json into my panel that I found on github, but this too produced no results.

I know there has to be something simple that I am missing . I have used other reporting tools before but am very new to grafana and I’ve scoured the documentation as well as all the usual places to search.

Any ideas or help i much appreciated. Even if it’s just suggestions on high quality tutorials, labs, etc.

Anyone? I’d even take recommendations on resources to look at.


Did you try the repeat config on the stat panel, it would allow you to show as many panel as your instances.

Good Luck