How to get the correct values for P(90) on K6 NewRelic


I followed this document New Relic to setup newrelic dashbaord for K6. But the P(90) value seems to be very off to me.

May I know how to vertical axis is represented in the graph? is it seconds, milli seconds

The value for max, min and mediant looks okay.

Hi there,

please search the forum before creating a new topic. This was already discussed here.

I took a look at this now, and it doesn’t seem possible to generate arbitrary percentiles from metric data submitted to New Relic. See this topic on the NR forum. According to their documentation, the percentile() function is not supported for raw metric data. Since this is how k6 sends data to NR, we have no control over how it can be visualized on NR. There appears to be a way to use percentile() on converted event and log data, but this doesn’t seem to apply for metrics.

Given that our documentation is wrong about p(90), I’ll propose a change soon to remove it and add a note about this limitation.

I’m not familiar enough with New Relic to say if there’s a workaround for this, but I suggest contacting their support team or posting on their forum instead. And if you do find a workaround, please mention it here so we can update our documentation.