How to get column names from dashboard

Context: I’ve created some dashboards in Grafana, in those dashboards i’m retrieving large amount of data from a datasource (postgresql). Users can open those dashboards and read the data that is displayed. In those dashboards there are also Variables. Queries in that dashboards are using those variables.

What I want? I want to know what columns are retrieved from that dashboard for example:

John is opening dashboard ‘dashboardA’. John reads a table with some information in it.

I want to know: What kind of data did John retrieved and what are the column names ?

Use case: I want to do something if John is retrieving some personal information in that dashboard, that is because I want to protocol that data. So what user did retrieve what kind of data from the dashboard.

sounds like john is a naughty boy…

if you want to keep track of who is accessing what at the database level, you should switch on auditing at the db level, and not expect grafana to keep track of who is accessing what data…

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