How to get alert notification sound in Grafana?

Grafana version - 9.3.6
trying to achieve - need alert sound while getting high or disaster alerts , we have any possiblie option for enabling the notification sound in grafana
what happened : while recieving alerts we don’t get any notification alerts sounds in grafana
except to happen : while recieving alerts we need notification sounds for the alerts

Sound alert is not natively supported in grafana.

In zabbix there is this function natively, just use global-notifications in another browser tab… easier… (1 Global notifications)

In grafana there may be other possibilities and adaptations with other Notification Channels.

Workaround for sound alerts:

  1. Create a notification channel from the available list that has a generic monitoring user.
  2. opens an application session that receives the warning from the notification channel and leaves it with access to the speaker
  3. when the Notification Channel sends it to this system via hook or another way, it will play what you define in the chosen application.


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