How to divide Y-axis values by 10

  • What Grafana version?
    I am using Grafana version 7.5.11 and data source is cassandra.

  • What are you trying to achieve?
    I wanted to divide the y-axis values by 10


The current CQL query is giving values as per the data (eg:- 250, 350). However, I would like to divide the y-axis values by 10 in CQL query to show vales like 25, 35. Please see the query below and could you please advice me how can I achieve this through the query in Grafana.

Raw CQL Query:
SELECT veh,to_double(value),timestamp
FROM state_variables
WHERE veh =‘BPDATS01-PDU-B’ AND variable =‘’ allow filtering.

Grafana Dashboard:


To show Y-axes values divide by 10, I have applied the transformations to get y-axes values divided by 10. After applying that, If I have multiple quires then the line chart became dotted one, see the attached Image for reference.

Could you please help me in how can I visualize this panel in line chart. Is there any other way to achieve divide y-axes values by 10 within in the query (without applying the transformations).

Thank you.