How to display sub-second information

I’m sending to influxDB data related to network packages (UDP ones). The thing here is that I want to visualize on Grafana this data, whose timestamp goes to the nanosecond resolution. I don’t want to group the information for (10s or 1s), since I want the user to see things like (time between 2 packets) and gather information by packet (which has a defined timestamp, the udp packet time).

When I try to do this on Grafana, even for a very small time range, the browser stops working. How can I do it? Or isn’t this possible with Grafana?

Yes, sub seconds Works fine in Grafana with influxdb, make sure you set the min interval in data sources setting to the interval which you collect and write metrics. What metric collector do you have that collects network metric on sub second intervals?

@torkel I’ve done that, but Grafana crashes the google chrome tab when I try to zoom in on the data.

I’m gathering information by network packet. I’ve set the time interval to 2ms.

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Strange, no other reports on crashes. What does your query look like and what is the time range?

What metric collector can collect network data every 2ms?

I’m parsing a pcap and sending to influxDB the timestamp (with nanosecond resolution) from each packet to influxDB.

The time range is from one second to another one. 2017-02-02 15:00:01 to 2017-02-02 15:00:02, but I’ve zoomed it more

Any developments on this?
I am having the same issue in Grafana 7.5.7. If I try to zoom into an interval smaller than a second, Grafana’s time range control is empty (start and stop are equal)