How to disable scientific notation in notification alerts?

Grafana sends notifications using scientific notation for numbers:

**Value:** B0=1.2857756063521595e+09

How can I change this so it uses standard notation?

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Same issue

You can use custom formatting, instead of default Golang format: Go Playground - The Go Programming Language
You can do that with printf in the template: Go Playground - The Go Programming Language

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Thank you for the idea.
But, since I am using Classic Condition in my alert and {{ reReplaceAll "<regexing value>" "<getting final result of strings and numbers>" .ValueString }} in the template to get the final value of the metric, I am not able to use your approach.

So, unfortunately, I need to entirely redesign my template…

I think you can still use it - just pipe | result from rereplaceall to printf.

I will try, thanks!