How to define 5000 users load with 100 concurrent users load at any time?

I am looking to define a scenario that required below condition…

  • Total 5000 users load,
  • The duration of test run 60 minutes.
  • 100 concurrent users maintain at any point of time

Please suggest to design a scenario for above requirement.

I don’t really understand, what you want to achieve. What does one user load mean? Can you share more detail with us?

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I need to run total 5000 virtual users load for 60 minutes time. But the concurrent users load must be 100 only any point of time during the 60 minutes time duration.

It still not clear for me, what does a “virtual users load” mean to you. Can you share the sanitized version of the test function with us?

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Okay, let me put this way…

I want to test 100 concurrent users load for 60 minutes duration and control the no. of requests should be 5000 only during the 60 minutes time.


Maybe the shared iterations executor will work in this case:

The shared-iterations executor shares iterations between the number of VUs. The test ends once k6 executes all iterations.

      executor: 'shared-iterations',
      vus: 100,
      iterations: 5000,
      maxDuration: '60m',
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For me it seems the same issue as this other one with different parameters: How to define a scenario 1000 Users run only 1 iteration with in 10 minutes of duration - #9 by bandorko

export const options = {
    scenarios: {
      load: {
        executor: 'constant-arrival-rate',
        duration: '60m',
        rate: 5000,                         // 5000 request
        timeUnit: '60m',                    // in 60 minutes
        preAllocatedVUs: 100,               // maximum 100 concurrent requests
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@bandorko thanks for update, it’s working.

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