How to customize Loki config with Loki Operator on Openshift 4?

Hi everyone,

I could not find any place to set “ true” on the Lokistack.
One step back, how can i customize the Loki config with Loki Operator?

Backgroud informations:

  • Using Loki operator 5.6.5 on Openshift 4.10
  • Using Minio operator
  • Loki try to connecting Minio, however it return “x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”
  • So i am trying to enable on the Lokistack.
  • However, i cannot find any document tell how should I customize loki-config.yaml when i am using Loki operator.

Hope anyone can answer my question.
Thank you.

Have any solutions been found? I need to configure it and it has no effect, with the same case.

seems like Loki must enable TLS

This issue is addressed in RedHat solution documentation - How to configure Loki Object Storage CA certificate in RHOCP 4 - Red Hat Customer Portal