How to count rows of one columns to draw a pie (on another dashboard data)

I have a very general database query in a dashboard, I can not modify, but I want to draw a pie in a new dashboard, using one of those columns values (string value).
I need to count them and draw the pie.
It would be like the following sql sentence “select count(*) Q, type from mydata group by type;”
where type is a string data column of the dashboard data.

It is possible to do? thanxs. rene

Welcome @rbologna

You are on the right track. See this sample mocking your data but same principle. On the right you will see what settings are configured

Thank for your answer Yosiasz.
In my case I just has access to a result of a more general query, and I could not see how to count a different string values.
At the end of yesterday I found a way using a transformer “Group by” where I group that field and count any other filed on the query answer.

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