How to configure Alert for VM Down

I am trying TO configure Alert for Vm down . I have installed latest Grafana 10.
Could you Please assist on this.

Could some Please assist on this.

welcome @initashok

as a reference to help you build your own dashboard to monitor VMs, you could use some of these shared dashboards , freely available

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@antonio Thank you for you Response on this.
I am able to set dashboards for viualization data.
I need a documentation on How to set up alerts for VM monitoring for the version Grafana 10.
I am stuck at while creating alert rule , Trying to create alert rule for VM availability metric (preview) metric when the value is 0 fire alert.
I am not able to find “=0” condition for VM availiability metric(preview) in alert rule definition.
Could you please assist on this.

I am afraid I don’t have experience on writing azure-monitor queries to monitor VM availability.
Here’s additional documentation that might help to at least run VM availabilty metric in Grafana.