How to configure a test for 3000 requests per second?

I’m trying to understand how VUs work when using constant-arrival-rate.

I want to test if my website can handle 3000 requests per second for a full minute. How should I configure my scenario?

export let options = {
    scenarios: {
      constant_request_rate: {
        executor: "constant-arrival-rate",
        rate: 3000, 
        timeUnit: "1s", 
        duration: "60s", 
        preAllocatedVUs: 1000, 
    thresholds: {
      http_req_duration: ["p(95)<1000"]

What is the relation between rate, timeunit, duration and VUs? Should I just pre allocate as much VUs as possible?


Here you can find the documentation of the constant-arrival-rate executor: Constant arrival rate

I think you set it correctly (3000 iterations / 1 sec) if 1000 vus are capable to handle this rate. If you don’t set maxVUs, then it is set to the same value as preAllocatedVUs