How to combine data from more tables in a single Graph?

Hi team members,

My SQL DB consists of a number of tables.
Two tables are related to each other. One table holds the dynamic data (Proben_tab) and one table hold the less dynamic data, we could say static data (Proben_plus_tab).

What I would like to do is to make a graph that shows the ref, Limit1 and Limit2 and the Average in one graph.

I’m able to get the data in a table form but would like to use the data from the table form in a Graph.
The below Query provides me with the table.


  • Proben_tab.MNR as Line# , *
  • Proben_tab.Mw as Average, *
  • Proben_tab.n as Samples, *
  • Proben_plus_tab.REFW as Weight, *
  • REFW + Proben_plus_tab.TU2_GRENZE as Tu2, *
  • REFW + Proben_plus_tab.TU1_GRENZE as Tu1, *
  • REFW + Proben_plus_tab.TO1_GRENZE as To1, *
  • REFW + Proben_plus_tab.TO2_GRENZE as To2,*
  • Proben_tab.Einheit as Unit*
    FROM Proben_tab
    LEFT JOIN Proben_plus_tab ON Proben_tab.PRID = Proben_plus_tab.PRID

I’m able to get both the individual tables in a graph but not combined. :slight_smile: :thinking:

Who can pint me in the right direction to solve this issue?

Problem is solved as it was not a problem.
It came down that the Average was so close to the Ref that the two line where on top of another.