How to change main Grafana title

At first, I wanted to say hello everyone and thank you for a great solution as Grafana.
I wanted to change main logo Grafana, as was described here: and here
What have i done?
I have changed Window_title_prefix and rebuild whole backend and frontend (I use built version from source) with using commands ‘bra run’ and ‘npm run watch’.
After grep i found that in build there is my new window_title_prefix, but it does not show up on the kibana login page (even after reflush cache).
For now i found only one solution which is changing grafana.dark.css or grafana.light.css in the build folder (I replace .icon-gf-grafana_wordmark:before content) but it is harmfull solution for me, cause after each rebuild i need to change this value manually.
Do You have any similar experience? If yes i will be grateful for answer and solution.

Hello again,
It seems that I have found solutions. I needed change scss file into public/sass/base/_grafana_icons.scss
.icon-gf-grafana_wordmark:before {
content: “\e903”;
on this:
.icon-gf-grafana_wordmark:before {
content: “My Custom Title”;
I will appreciate if someone explains to me what these values (like “\e903”) means, because I have not found their use in the entire project.

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I figure out how window_title_prefix works. It is indeed window_title_prefix (in html fooo).
I have changed window_title_prefix from ‘Kibana -’ to ‘Kielana’ and below I attach the result. title_grafana

@pawel0907 could please tell exactly in which html file you found “window_title_prefix” ?


@ashuw018, Can you tell me your version of Grafana?

can you tell me how did you get this done?

Everyone mentions the solution but no one leads to the files >:(

1.change in /usr/share/grafana/public/build/app.898fe9e20a782b4232fe.js AppTitle

find and change
c.AppTitle=“whatever you want”

{var t=e.className;return a.a.createElement(“img”,{className:t,src:“public/img/grafana_icon.svg”,alt:“Grafana”})},c.AppTitle=“Grafana”},

{var t=e.className;return a.a.createElement(“img”,{className:t,src:“public/img/grafana_icon.svg”,alt:“Grafana”})},c.AppTitle=“客制化0511”,