How to build something similar to this Instagantt chart?

I’m a complete beginner in Grafana, and would like to create something similar to the following (see pic below from

I’m looking into using the Discrete and/or Diagram plugins, and wondering if anyone might have any other suggestions - as well as concrete steps for building something like the chart below. My data will be pulled from a MS SQL Server database, if that helps. Like I said, I’m a complete newbie, so I might be going about this all wrong; any advice appreciated.

Maybe this can help you

Thanks, that is what I’m looking at (along wtih Diagram). I guess I’m also asking if someone could give me a basic recipe/blueprint for how to create something like that, i.e. what features to use, etc. A little more info: the idea is to create a chart of appointments for a single day, including the status/progress of each appointment (there will be multiple overlapping appointments).