How to aggregate metrics from distributed tests using external tools

Do you guys know some content about how to integrate metrics from the distributed tests? There is a reference about some tools, but no tutorial about it.

I don’t intend to use k6 cloud to view metrics.

Hi @gdcmarinho,

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As mentioned in the above tutorial, k6-operator is not aggregating metrics on its own, unless you use k6 Cloud output feature. I assume you mean this phrase:

  1. Set up some kind of monitoring or visualisation software (such as Grafana) and configure your K6 custom resource to make your jobs output there.

This is about simply outputting metrics from the runners into Prometheus or another engine (see Results output). But those will be raw metrics, not aggregated as they are in k6 Cloud. At least ATM. (@codebien, please correct me if I’m wrong here)

Any other solution, I imagine, would fully depend on the metrics system that you intend to use.

can I somehow run a command line script inside the pod after the tests are over so that results are transferred to different location ?