How to add information to Bar chart while hovering

I’m developing a dashboard using a Bar Chart Visualization on Grafana v9.3.6.

On the example given below, I want to add information to each of the bars.
E.g. while hovering over the yellow-marked bar “L3LHD”, not only its y-axis value 0.0374 shall be displayed but additionally a different value, e.g. x: 10.

If I modify my datasource to return an additional column called “x” with value 10, the barchart shows a new bar on x value 1 beside the yellow-marked.

However, desired behavior is that additional value x: 10 is shown while hovering over the “L3 LHD” bar.

So, how can hover-information be added to bars belonging to the same x-values?

Any feedback is highly appreciated!

Hello all,

no ideas? question unclear? technical limitation?

Looking forward for feedback.