How to add a second Y-axe for Poucentage


I’m in version 8.3.2, I’m using grafana to monitor network bandwidth as you can see below :

I would like to create a second Y-axis (in the left) that will mention the percentage where the value 30000000 represent 100%

Could you please help me with that ?


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Have you tried using Transformations and Overrides such as those in the mockup below?


Thank you very much for your response.

As you can see, the “Transform” is disabled because of Alert statement, but it worked with overrides :

Unfortunately the negative Y-axis gone (the position of graph changed) and the pourcentage in the right is showing -20000000%

how can I get back the Y-axis, and how can I declare the 100% be the value 300000000 ( so the graph will show 20%…40% and the value 300000000 will represent 100%

Thank you in advance for your help.

Sincerely yours.

It appears Transform is disabled because you are still using the traditional alerts.

Can you calculate the percentage in a second Influx query? Then assign those series to the second y axis, set axis unit format to percentage (to get the % label).

Thank you for your reply.

could you please give me an example of an Influx query to calculate the pourcentage ?

SELECT cumulative_sum("change") FROM (
SELECT difference("metric")/first("metric")*100.0 as "change" FROM "results" WHERE $timeFilter fill(previous)

The above is just a random example, but if creating Influx queries is not your strong point, you could also try posting the question on the InfluxDB forum.