How do I split my time series graph according to another value?


I am using A managed AWS Grafana V8.4.7 and Opensearch as my Datasource.
I am trying to achieve a time series visualization that will show split results of the same metric according to another metric, similar to “Split Series” in Kibana.

Allow me to elaborate - My monitor sends a JSON to Opensearch (which is my datasource) that has many different values, one of the values is “speed”. The thing about “Speed” result is that it cannot be explained without “power” which is another metric. I have four different power values that results in different speeds. What I am trying to achieve is one speed time series visualization that shows 4 different speed graphs, color coded according to the power value. In Kibana this is done by choose the “Split series” → term → and then choosing the metric to split by.
What I did so far is created a time series visualization → chose data source → Metric → Average → Chose “speed” metric.

Apologies for my newbie question, I am creating my first graph and couldn’t find an answer for this topic.

I refuse to believe that this functionality doesn’t exist, anyone? :slight_smile:


You posted on a Sunday, bad day to post as seldom anyone works then it gets burried with newer posts :blush:

Could you please post some dample opensearch data you are working on? Json search result

Thank you for you answer @yosiasz!
I’ll try to post in the middle of the week from now on :slight_smile:

Here is an example of what the json looks like, its actually the opensearch index:

“reports_aug_2022” : {
“mappings” : {
“properties” : {
“date” : {“type” : “date”}
“test” : {
“properties” : {
“results” : {
“properties” : {
“speed” : {“type” : “float”}
“power” : {“type” : “long”}

As you can see I have the actual result I am after which is “speed” but I cannot look at speed without considering “power”. Each power delivers different speed so I need to be able to split my graph according to the different number of power numbers that I have (I could have up to 16 different power levels). So I am looking for a way to display many results in one graph, each result color coded according to the different power. Here is what this graph looks like in Kibana:


What you posted seems like the document data definition and not a sample data.

“date”: “2022 - 09 - 01 T10: 03: 34 + 00: 00”,
“test”: {
“speed”: 8.06,
“power”: 32

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So I guess its just not possible? @yosiasz

here is one way of doing it