How do I right justify (or modify) a much_too_long ifDescr?

While not the worst example, I have SNMP ifDescr’s like this:
“M24eG- GigabitEthernet0/1”
“M24eG- GigabitEthernet0/2”

How do I get rid of the junk at the beginning "M24eG- " or right justify it so I only see the end in a column, e.g. “,net0/1”

As you can see, this table is useless. Although a sort of heatmap of up/downs would do…

which datasource do you use?
If it is mysql,you can use substring to achieve your goal.

Telegraf SNMP in this case.
I asked the maker but this is old hardware.

Right justify or some sort of sed like rule to make all the "M24eG … " disappear would be great.

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