How do I display only PRTG "Down" sensors in Grafana?

I want to build a screen in grafana to control “Networks” devices. Instead of showing all my devices on screen. I would only show it on screen when something is “Down” in PRTG.

However, it wouldn’t just be something that stays down randomly, because I have “servers”, “ups”, “security” devices and so on… different from those for networks.

So you would need to filter in this sense:
1- Network Devices that are in this tree in PRTG: Devices/Local probe/Network

2 - When the Status “Ping = Down”

3 - And it cannot contain the words “Syslog Receiver” which unfortunately are mixed within the tree in step 1.

How do I filter in My query? They also told me to use this excerpt:

“prtg.device.status{group=“Devices/Local probe/HMB Infra/Network”,status=“down”}”

but I don’t know where to use it