How do I create a recurring silence in grafana 9.3.2?

Hi, I have recently upgraded from grafana 7.5.7 to grafana 9.3.2.

I had a specific Grafana alert (I am not using alert manager) that I silenced in certain hours of every day.

after looking in the Grafana UI in the silences section I saw that there is no way to create a recurring silence - only a single silence.

can you assist?
I could not find documentation on how to do this using the api or file provisioning either.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hi! You’ll want to use a feature called Mute Timings. Check out Notifications | Grafana documentation and Create mute timings | Grafana documentation for more information on how mute timings work and how to use them!

Mute timings are for all alerts and not for a specific one if im not mistaken. I want to mute one alert out of many