How do I create a panel that shows data of the whole current day?


I want to create a panel that displays graphs for the current day (0:00 - 23:59) so that the user can see the current and past values of today, but also the forcast values for the rest of the day. Users should not be able to select a time range. I only need the full current day.

I have an MySQL query that returns values for the whole current day, if I run it. However, in Grafana, the best I could achieve is to show a graph that starts a 0:00, but ends at the current time. In other words, I can’t see the forcast data for the rest of the day.

This is how it looks at the moment:

How can I configure the panel to show the whole day, but without allowing the user to change the time range?

I use Grafana 7.3.6 and a MySQL database.

Thanks for your help.