How can I start at goland or other development tools?

When I start grafana-server in GoLand by pkg/cmd/grafana-server/main.go.The error message it hints is as follows.97XZK%60IKO3T%60K%258LO7CWLUA
I want to ask how can i start grafana at goland or other development tools .In order to debug the code . thank you

meet the same issue, do you have the solution?

I have seen couple of posts about the compiler being old is the main reason for the issue you having
what is your compiler version ? It also helps if you post the error texts in addition to the screenshot
have you looked at any other logs ? have you installed all dependencies may be needed ?

I use goland as the golang IDE, i know how to start the grafana server, but i do not know how to start it within debug mode. i wanna debug the golang code