How can i get all expression output?

Hi, i have some output from my query like this :

[ var='B0' metric='instance1' labels={DBInstanceIdentifier=instance1} value=1.02351855616e+11 ], [ var='B1' metric='instance2' labels={DBInstanceIdentifier=instance2} value=1.02255702016e+11 ], [ var='B2' metric='instance3' labels={DBInstanceIdentifier=instance3} value=1.013516705792e+11 ]

and i use template variables like this :
{{ $values.B0.Labels.DBInstanceIdentifier }} : {{ humanize $values.B0.Value }}

so alert that i’ve received like this :
instance1 : 102.8G

but it’s only show 1 instance, how can i get all of them ?
please help me…

Grafana does not support alert queries with template variables:

sorry, i mean using annotation to get value and humanize function.