How can i extract a nested json key where the key includes a hyphen (-)?

I’m trying to extract multiple fields into labels across a JSON log entry.
My data looks like this:

    "request": {
        "headers": {
            "Connection": [
            "X-Forwarded-Proto": [

Extracting request.headers.Connection works fine using:

json request_headers_connection="request.headers.Connections"

Trying the same thing with X-Forwarded-Proto produces the following error:

rpc error: code = Unknown desc = parse error : stage ‘| json request_header_proto=“request.headers.X-Forwarded-Proto”’ : cannot parse expression [request.headers.X-Forwarded-Proto]: unexpected char -

Trying combinations of:

json request_headers=`request.headers.["X-Forwarded-Proto"]`
json request_headers="request.headers.[`X-Forwarded-Proto`]"

fail with:

rpc error: code = Unknown desc = parse error : stage ‘| json request_headers=“request.headers.[X-Forwarded-Proto]”’ : cannot parse expression [request.headers.[X-Forwarded-Proto]]: syntax error: unexpected LSB, expecting FIELD


json request_headers=`["request.headers.X-Forwarded-Proto"]`

Produces an empty result (ie couldn’t find it).

On the other hand, this does work, but makes it harder to extract other fields:

json request_headers="request.headers" | line_format "{{.request_headers}}"  | json proto=`["X-Forwarded-Proto"]`

Is there currently no way to extract such a nested key directly, or is there some other way to escape that would work in this situation?

Any direction would be great, thanks!

Figured it out after spending way too much time on it.
For the next person that encounters this, the correct format is:

json proto=`request.headers["X-Forwarded-Proto"]`