Histogram of non-time series data

Hello, having a bit of trouble making a simple histogram, my data is structured as so,

column 1 | column 2
int | int

Column one is the number of items generated under an account, and column two is the number of accounts that have generated that number of items. Example row would be,

items | accounts
1 | 20,000

I can’t seem to figure out how to display this data as a histogram where the number of items is on the x-axis and the number of accounts with that number of items is the y-axis.

Thanks for any help!

I, too, have this issue. In my case, I’ve aggregated/down-sampled raw data into 1h intervals to address volume issues. From my research, it seems that there is not a plugin for Grafana that can render this kind of data at this time.

FYI, a solution to this issue would likely resolve this issue as they appear to be the same issue, so you may want to watch that posting as well (I’m cross posting there).

The scope of this change does not appear to be very large (to someone that knows how to edit/deploy .ts files!). The histogram.ts appears to be where most of this logic would be contained. There would need to be some UI option to identify this pre-aggregated condition as well.

I’ll be interested to know if anyone responds.