Highlighting by value in a hidden column

I use InflixDB as a source.
I want to highlight the rows in the table by the Severity field, but this can not be done, since this is a string value. If I set thresholds on Status field, then everything is fine:


But I would like to hide Status column. However, when the column is hidden, the highlighting of the rows disappears:


How can this problem be solved?


Yeah, this is not supported at the moment. Feel free to add a feature request issue or contribute with a pull request at Grafana GitHub repo.


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Actually there is the opportunity to remaps the strings value but this change the strings values of the column in the remapped numeric values. So it is similar to have a new column. Horrible.
The best thing is to have a hidden column that can change the color of the x column.
I think it could be useful to have also to have the possibility to have the font color so that you can set the font color that is the same of the cell color.