Highlight phases without datapoints (no ping = no internet)

I monitor my internet connection with the ping plugin from telegraf. The data is written to influxdb.
In grafana I have a nice graph that shows me min, max and avg ping times.

What Im looking for is a way to identify gaps where I have no internet. Typically if I have no internet, there are no datapoints. In a graph with a timescale of 12h I can spot those gaps easily. But on a > 2 day resolution, the gaps are just too small.

Is there a way to say for example, mark times where I don’t have data for more than 5 mins (this is the poll interval in telegraf)?

Here is how it looks like now:

I wont the gap area in red (best case).

I would suggest that as well as ping round-trip times, you also measure packet
loss. Every “ping” impementation I’ve come across measures and displays both
of these.

When your packet loss is zero, you have a good connection. When it’s 100%,
you have no connection. Quality varies in between :slight_smile:


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