Help with top 10 results from a specific selection influxdb

Need help with this query.

SELECT non_negative_derivative(mean(“cbQosCMDropPkt”), 60s)
WHERE (“index” = ‘225.262144’) AND $timeFilter
GROUP BY time(60s), “agent_host” fill(null)

This essentially returns some SNMP results for us we can chart out on a nice graph, while polling network gear. I am trying to get the top 10 agents from this output as we are polling many devices and only care about the top 10 highest outputs. I can’t seem to make this work as we want using the top(x,x,nx) function as this seems to be grabbing the rate of cbQoscmDropPkt and not the top 10 agent hosts.

SELECT top(DropRate,10)
FROM (SELECT non_negative_derivative(mean(“cbQosCMDropPkt”), 60s) as DropRate
FROM “CB-QOS” WHERE (“index” = ‘225.262144’) AND $timeFilter
GROUP BY time(60s), “agent_host” fill(null))

Might the following help?