Help for running grafana behind a nginx reverse proxy while using https in nginx

Hello guys,

I am running a grafana server in a CentOS 7, with rpm package. While we had a reverse proxy(nginx), so I add a domain name (such as in nginx, which nginx point to the real grafana server.

I also start the https service in nginx, so the thing like this:

browser—>nginx(—>real grafana(ip:80)

I can open the site, and login to the grafana server,but something is not working correct. For example, when I change the language, grafana ask me to confirm, but after save, nothing changed.

But when I visit grafana dircetly by ip address, everything works fine.

So, is there anything I should do in nginx or grafana?

BTW, I tried to change the port in grafana, or change the protocol(http/https), still not working.

Hi @baalchina,

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Did you already check the documentation regarding it i.e.

Let us know if this helps.