Help: error " Cannot read property 'result' of undefined"

Hi, hope i can find answer here.

I’m using prometheus+grafana to monitor my system. It ran well before today. In the morning, I find grafana cannot show data/trend. On each panel ,there is one red “!” and the erros msg is that " cannot read property ‘result’ of undefined". I didn’t make any change on prometheus and grafana! It just happend.
At this time, prometheus works well. I can search the tag and get the trend in prometheus.
The version of prometheus is: 2.0.0, and grafana is 4.6.2.

Can anyone help?

Thanks a lot.

In firefox, the error msg is " is undefined.

Anyone can help?

Can you show your query? Does this query work in prometheus native dashboard?

The query is very simple, just the variable name. And in prometheus native dashboard, I can get the value and trend without error.

There are some error msg:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘result’ of undefined
at l

Try to look at network query result in browser devtools, maybe you’ll see problem in the response.