Having no luck migrating from v5.2.3 with MySQL backend

Got an Grafana installation of 5.2.3 here using a MySQL 8.0 InnoDB backend being hosted on RHEL7. Now it’s working fine, but I’m having zero luck trying to upgrade to a later version.

Taken a MySQL dump of my current DB and populated a new database from it. Spun up a new Grafana 5.3.4 instance on a vm pointing at this new DB. Starting Grafana failed with Error 1061: Duplicate key name ‘UQE_user_login’

Okay, deleted that index and restarted. Failed again, this time Duplicate key name ‘UQE_user_email’.

Deleted that index and restarted, just in time to get Error 1054: Unknown column ‘account_id’ in ‘field list’ complaining about column account_id in “user_v1” not being there. Given that this table is setup by the migration I very carefully added an account_id column using an alter table and the details given about the schema in the error message.

A restart gave yet another unknown-column failure for this column, this time in table “dashboard”.

At which point I gave up …

Anyone seen this before and, more importantly, got a solution? (I’ve also tried this process with 6.0.0-beta3, but that gives the same result)