Grpc connect without port no

is it possible to make a Grpc connection without specifying port no using k6 or any alternative way can be followed ?
we access a gateway through which requests are routed to respective services.
Through bloomrpc the request is sent without port, it works and TLS (server certificate is enabled).
also with grpc connect, do we need to enable a TLS or its enabled by default(plaintext:false) and how to add metadata like token into the request ?. Please help

Hi @saranya , welcome to the forum and sorry for the slow response.

There always needs to be a port, and at least I can’t find any information on a default grpc port the same way 80 is for HTTP for example. But even something like has a port … it just defaults to 80.

Through bloomrpc the request is sent without port

I have no experience with bloomrpc, but from their screencast there are always ports as well.

TLS needs to be enabled if it’s enabled on the server for the given port and disabled if it’s not, if it works with it enabled, it means that you need to keep it enabled.

how to add metadata like token into the request?

Can you expand on what do you mean by that

Thanks for the response @mstoykov
there is metadata like token:"abc", we send it along with request.
can this be sent as a param or tag here ?

@saranya this seems to be supported with the headers params at least looking at this code.

I am not particularly certain I am correct or that this is a good idea(having them called headers) :thinking:

@ned am I correct and do you have any insight on why it’s under headers and not metadata ?

Good question… :thinking: From what I can see, technically they will be headers:

But it’s probably best if we use the correct terminology, so I opened a new issue about it: Rename `grpc.Params.headers` to `metadata`? · Issue #2244 · grafana/k6 · GitHub