Grouping timeseries by identifier

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    I have timeseries data for sessions of a file crawler. It periodically reports files scanned and files pruned, and with each checkin, it reports the cur_time, files_scanned, files_pruned, session_start_time. If the crawler is done, it also reports the session_end_time. Sample data looks like:

I would like to create a visualization that has the time series broken out by start_time (i.e. part of the same crawl), that looks like the following (made with Excel):

  • How are you trying to achieve it?

I am creating a timeseries visualization, querying timestream for pruned and scanned columns. All the data points become connected, so the end of session1 at 5:35 becomes connected to the start of session2 at 6:10. GROUP BY start_time is not what I want, since each start_time will have a timeseries in and of itself.