Grouping is not working (as expected?) in a Time Series Panel

Using Grafana v.9.3.6 in Windows, hitting a MSSQL '19 database.

I am trying to make a time series plot with one or more additional properties as dimensions. I have read quite a few pages (grafana, grafana community , etc…) suggesting this should be fairly straight forward, but…

It seems like I can not get Grafana to understand that I have these additional dimensions, or groupings.

Here are a few different variations on the themes that I saw in all the postings. Hopefully this will show both the SQL query and the resultant graph.

An suggestions on where I am going wrong?

Try to format it as timeseries, not as a table:

I would use also $__timeGroup macro - Microsoft SQL Server query editor | Grafana documentation

Thank you for that suggestion. I have changed the format from Table to Time series where you suggest on all three variations and it does not change the graphing outcome.

I am looking into the $__timeGroup functionality.

Use this Transformation to get what you want

thank you. I was able to get it to work with the multi-frame time series transformation. Here are a few images to show code and result for the record.