Grouping duration by tags in NewRelic


When I tried to ingest my data into InfluxDB, I was able to group request duration by tags and group names.

I’m now moving to NewRelic. Is it not possible to include this information in NewRelic as well?

Hi @andersj ,

I see no reason why it wouldn’t be supported. Do you have some concrete problem?

I don’t seem to be able to group the data by neither tag name nor group name in NewRelic, unlike with InfluxDB.

hey @andersj ,
So we have a solution. Firstly, let me explain how New Relic uses StatsD V2 which is what gives us the tagging. However in the results visualisation guide we are recommending the output which was designed for V1 which is the reason that your tags are not making it through to New Relic. We are going to fix that with the k6 folks.

So for the time being, if you follow the guide as it is, except for when you run your test if you can run it in the format of: k6 run --out datadog test.js

Yes you read that right, since DD is also using StatsD V2 - this should work out for you :wink:

Then, I am just using the New Relic Data Explorer and you can choose your metric and select the dimension like so:

Thanks for pointing this out! Rather amusing/creative workaround :sweat_smile:Anyway, I hope that sorts it for you - let me know if I can be of any more help! :wave:


Thanks @gspncr, this accomplishes exactly what I wanted.

A bit out of scope, but seeing as you’re already here, do you have any suggestions on how we could do performance regression testing with k6 and NewRelic? We are scheduling daily performance benchmarks and are interested in being alerted if there are any major performance changes on a day-to-day basis.

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Thanks for the help troubleshooting, @gspncr!
I’ve raised an issue for this in the k6 repo:

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hey @andersj you raise a good point “we have this data - now what!?” and when I was typing a reply I realised I had quite a lot to say on the topic :sweat_smile:so I have just put together this post on Medium to try and address it.
It has some spoilers for the upcoming k6 and New Relic webinar that @simme and I will run Tuesday.
Hope that helps, would appreciate hearing how using the integration is working out for you too!