Grouping by hour ignoring the date?

I have hourly energy measurements from home assistant (influxdb).
I want to display them in a graph having a x-axis from 0:00 to 24:00 and the date should be ignored. So the mean value of all energy measurements from 10 o’clock to 11:00 o’clock from the whole year should appear at the 11:00 line. Does sth. like “group by hour(time)” work?

SELECT "value" FROM "sensor.total_energy_hourly_copy"  GROUP BY ?

You might be able to achieve this, but it depends very much on which back-
end data store you are using. It the query language for that supports the
hour() function, then you can probably combine this with curdate() (or
whatever the equivalent is) and order to generate the $time value passed to

If your back-end data store query language can’t do it, though, then I’m
pretty certain Grafana can’t help.


The database is influx and it supports only time(1h) which is rounded to the hour, but with date.
I thought the time series display can do that in grafana.