"Group by" transformation doesn't work for Tempo data source

Currently I am using Grafana 10.1.5 with Tempo 2.2.0.

I am trying to build a dashboard based on traces collected in tempo. Generally I would like to have a simple dashboard showing me an average duration per trace name.

First, I have prepared search query to find proper traces:

Then I applied two transformations: one to filter out results with empty duration (this transformation works fine) and second to group by results by name + calculate mean duration:

As you can see, there are no results. I have the same problem when I use plain TraceQL for searching traces.

What’s interesting - ‘group by’ transformation was working fine on older version of Grafana (10.0.3) and still works properly after exporting and importing dashboard to new version of Grafana, but I am receiving following warning:

‘Group by’ transformation is also not working on Grafana 10.0.3 when I use plain TraceQL instead search query.

Is it a bug in the new version of Grafana, some kind of limitation or maybe I am doing something wrong here?