Group by by Terms causes the query to return zero results

Please bear with me as I am a feeble old man. I do not understand how this works.

By default it will Group by Date Histogram. Why would we do this? Why group by anything at all if we are just counting documents over time? Anyway, it looks like it is returning documents, because I can see a line on the graph here.

I want to group by, and display a count of the number of messages on each of these queues. What would this look like in Grafana? Whenever I Group by Terms, the query returns no documents. There is nothing on the graph, whether the Metric is set to Count (of documents I assume) or to Max of

You missing the date histogram as the last group (it is required currently to return time series)

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With the Group By Date Histogram as the last group, I am still seeing nothing:

I should definitely be seeing documents:

It looks like if I paste the text into that field instead of typing it, the query works.

Iā€™m using Grafana v6.3.3 (84d0a71) via the official Docker image.