Graphing Histogram Help

Hi all, Brand new here, and trying to figure out how to graph something. We are pulling API data into a mySQL db and then using that DB as a Datasource. We have two tables.

Customers and Tickets.

Customer Table has the following Columns:
id, Cust_id, name, address, phone, email

Ticket Table has the following Columns:
id, Cust_id, Ticket_id, title, number, creation, resolution, priority, impact, status, etc.etc.

My goal is to create a histrogram. I want to show how many tickets are in status open or status pending by cust_id

count (, Tickets.Cust_id, Tickets.status, Customers.Cust_id,
FROM Tickets
INNER JOIN Customers ON Tickets.Cust_id=Customers.Cust_id
WHERE Tickets.status = ‘Open’ or Tickets.status = ‘Pending’

This would be how I would do the SQL Query i think, but I just cant figure this out in Grafana and I have no more sacrifices to make. So Please hear my Prayers oh Gods of Grafana and help this lowly acolyte out.